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About Us

The Jonathan Cudjoe Pewudie Children and Youth Foundation (JCP Foundation) is a newly established foundation set up by the family of Jonathan Cudjoe Ansah-Pewudie to help educate poor Children of Santrokofi traditional area. Our hope is to gradually scale up with the intention of providing support for Children in other parts of Ghana.


The fundamentals of the Foundation are based on the love and generousity that Cudjoe Pewudie showed to people around him when he was alive. His love for Children which eaned him the title "Uncle" by all chldren who new him and adults inclusive is a driving factor in the objectives of this Foundation.


No child in this modern world should come to adulthood without being able to read and write. The JCP Foundation derives inspiration from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and intends to fight for the right of every Child to gain education. We also aspire to become a Child right organisation fighting for all rights of the Child in line with the principles of UNCRC. We hope to become a voice for the most vulnerable Children in our society, advocating for all and sundry to respect and safeguard the rights of every Child.


Our initial undertaking is to support Children from Santrokofi who might not be in school bythe chance of going to school to acquire the basics of being able to read and write.


Purpose of the Foundation


The Foundation's purpose is to directly or indirectly support the education of children and youth between the ages of 6 and 16 years of age. Initially the foundation is concentrating its support to children from Santrokofi traditional area. Santrokofi is a village three kilometers north of Hohoe in the Volta region of Ghana. Inhabitants of Santrokofi are mainly peasant farmers by occupation with low income from their farm produce. As a result of this many children in the village with poor parents do not have the basic right of gioing to school. There are also children whose parents have passed and do not always have abled relatives to cater for their schooling. The JCP foundation's ambition is to offer limited financial support for the education of the poorer Children.

The man as others percieved him

  • Codjoe was always himself, no pretense.
  • He wasn’t flashy, over the top, pretentious; he was true to himself and felt comfortable in his own skin.
  • Most importantly, he was a man of integrity a man of big and generous heart, a man who didn’t take himself too seriously yet took everybody very seriously.


By Jonathan Akyea

(friend of Cudjoe)